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Doctors and nurses Toronto paging quebec's doctors and nurses:If you're worried about the proposed restrictions on religious clothing in your home province, an ontario hospital group is looking to hire. Lakeridge health, which runs four hospitals east of toronto, is turning the controversy over quebec's"Values charter"Into a recruiting drive for healthcare professionals. The proposed quebec legislation would prohibit hospital workers and other public sector workers from wearing religious clothing like hijabs, kippas and turbans in the workplace. While polls indicate that most respondents in quebec support the legislation, it's sparked a contentious debate elsewhere in canada. The recruiting drive isn't about picking a fight with quebec, said lakeridge president and Cheap Prom Dresses ceo kevin empey. "This isn't to send a salvo at quebec,"He said. "This is because we have to recruit people. " Lakeridge, which operates in one of ontario's fastestgrowing regions, is looking to fill about 230 jobs, empey said.Even though they've been hiring 20 to 60 people a month for over a year, lakeridge has to look outside ontario for new graduates and experienced professionals. Putting out the usual ad wouldn't have sparked much interest, since lakeridge doesn't have the same kind of name recognition as other hospitals like toronto's sick kids, he said. "How do you get someone intrigued enough to actually go to our website and look us up? "Empey said. "So if we're going to go farther afield, we have to do something that finds a way to get your attention. " Hospital officials Column Wedding Dresses debated the ad for more than a week, concerned that it would backfire in montreal, he said.But so far the response has been"Amazing. " "Even as it went out we were going,'ok, are we going to get crucified, or are we going to get some people interested?'"He said. "I've had direct emails from calgary to ottawa that have emailed me directly. " Health minister deb matthews called the ad"Provocative,"But said it reflects ontario as a place that celebrates diversity. "What lakeridge said in that ad speaks for all of us,"She said. "We do care about people's skills and people's abilities.Whatever clothing.We're cool with that here in ontario and i think it's our strength. " Salam elmenyawi, the president of the muslim council of montreal, is urging cultural communities to stay calm in the face of the proposed legislation and not rush for the border. "I thank all the people across canada who are reaching out and opening doors,"He said thursday. "But i tell my fellow quebecers, men and women of religious minorities, to please don't panic,"He said in a news conference in montreal. "Stay, this is our country, this is our home, we will work together to improve the situation and make sure whatever laws and rules will be not be exclusive. " But elemenyawi also admitted he is worried about victimization, people losing their jobs and that people may consider leaving quebec.A multicultural protest is planned for saturday in montreal. Earlier this week, one of ontario's longest serving mpps tabled a symbolic motion that calls on the legislature to oppose any bill to restrict or prohibit freedom of expression and religion in public places. see results about Bridesmaid Dresses Ontario premier kathleen wynne has said the inclusive nature of canadian society is worth preserving, and she would oppose anything that would attack that inclusion.



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'12 Years' will best drama Amy adams, if available, and bob o.Russell, winners of the award for best movie comedy or musical for"Usa hustle"Pose in the press room at the 71st annual golden globe awards at the beverly hilton hotel on tuesday, january.12, 2014, In Beverly hillsides, Calif. (Photo by the nike air jordan strauss/invision/ap)Amy poehler made out who has bono, tina fey mocked george clooney's taste in along with matt damon emerged, bizarrely, as the night's constant gag.But afre the wedding of a madcap golden globes(Fey done it as"The beautiful mess we hoped a number", The major honors soberly were left with the favorites.Jake o.Russell's con the show biz industry caper"Our hustle"Led with three accolades, and this includes best film comedy.And despite really at a disadvantage in the other six categories it was nominated in, the unflinching ancient drama"12 many decades a Slave"Concluded the night time as best film drama.12, 2014, In Beverly hillsides, Calif. (Photo by the nike jordans strauss/invision/ap) (Robin wright poses in the press room with the award for best actress in a television programs series drama for"Your own home of cards"At the 71st annual golden globe awards at the beverly hilton hotel on friday, january.12, 2014, In Beverly slopes, Calif. (Graphic by j) Russell's 1970s abscam fictionalization"Western hustle"Had the greater night overall, obtaining victory in acting awards for amy adams and jennifer lawrence.Best picture was your only award for"12 years of age a Slave, Which came in alongside seven nominations, Tied which are more with"Us hustle, the awards go back lawrence, a winner yr after for russell's"Silver textures playbook, concise for an acceptance speech she said was no easier a year later. "Don't ever do it can, she in order to herself. "It is so scary, matthew mcconaughey and jared leto both won for their startlingly gaunt actions in the texas hiv drama"Kansas city buyers club, leonardo dicaprio, a nine time older globe nominee, won his second globe for optimum actor in a comedy for his uninhibited work in"The wolf of wall highway, he thanked home martin scorsese for his mentorship("Hair"Is their fifth film with these)Too as for"Allowing me to stalk you to get this movie, alfonso cuaron won best director for practically odyssey"The law of gravity, an internationally hit and critical favorite.Sibel, went to leave, and tracy pollan pose in the crowd at the 71st annual golden globe awards at the beverly hilton hotel on sunday, january.12, 2014, In Beverly slopes, Calif. (Photos by matt sayles/invision/ap) (Erina j.He, positioned, and tracy pollan pose in the guests at the 71st annual golden globe awards at the beverly hilton hotel on sunday, january.12, 2014, In Beverly inclines, Calif. (Snapshot by Air Jordan 23 matt sayles/invision/ap)) (The academy honors technical ways that the globes don't. )The night's biggest winners was hosts fey and poehler, whose second time hosting the the show biz industry foreign press association's beverly hills, calif, ceremony was just as efficient as last year's show(A six year recommendations high with 19.7 million market).The pair brought out a spree of punch lines, dishing them all at the beverly hills hilton, much to the delight of its starry group.Damon, meryl streep on top of that, not surprisingly, george clooney were the actual targets.Fey particularly had the crowd roaring with some of"The law of gravity, which specifically stars sandra bullock and clooney.12, 2014, In Beverly mountains, Calif. (Pictureprofessional by matt sayles/invision/ap) (Lupita nyong'o, remaining, and reese witherspoon pose in the listeners at the 71st annual golden globe awards at the beverly hilton hotel on sunday, january.12, 2014, In Beverly inclines, Calif. (Photos by matt sayles/invision/ap)) The globes are unique in celebrating both film and tv.Perhaps more than before, those lines were blurry sunday, capping a year in which tv was much aplauded as the more dynamic storytelling medium.The beloved and now deducted"Busting bad"Earned a number of the night's loudest cheers for its first globe wins:Best drama tv series and greatest actor in a drama for bryan cranston.Cranston branded his honor"An attractive way to say goodbye, creator software vince gilligan said the award gave him"One more possibility for thank the fans of the show, the experienced tv film winner, the particular liberace melodrama"Regarding the candelabra, was made for hbo by one of cinema's most talented company owners, steven soderbergh, after movie passed.Rrncluding a best movie globe, michael douglas won best actor for his abilities as the flamboyant classical pianist.He thanked his co take the leading role damon. "The only reason you are not here is i had more sequins, douglas explained damon. (Earlier at nighttime, poehler said among such type of famous crowd that damon was"Generally speaking a garbage person,)Stars like chiwetel ejiofor("12 extended a Slave,"Dancing on the extra edge"Combined with julia louis dreyfus("Decent said,"Veep"Were selected for both film and tv.Louis dreyfus parodied the dichotomy by appearing first while dining for"Needed said"In glamorous sunglasses and smoking an electronic cigarette, then as well as(Or consequently hosts said)Involved of the"Tv part"Going without a hot dog.U2 and danger mouse won the award for best initially song for"Average love, registered for the nelson Mandela biopic"Mandela:Long walk to liberty, bono said doing the film completed a decades long journey with mandela, playing an anti apartheid concert some 35 years ago. "This man turned our life the wrong way up, most suitable side up, said bono of the south african leader who died keep away from. "A man who refused to hate not because he didn't have rage or anger or them, but that he thought love would do nike: a more satisfactory job, cate blanchett won best actress in a drama for her blanche dubois like functionality in woody allen's"Glowing orange jasmine, allen was thankful, a little a bit in the process, within the cecil b.Demille lifetime great outcomes award.Always an honours no show, allen left diane keaton to be able to on his behalf.A lot of the night's surprise winners were literally caught speechless.Andy samberg(Best actor in a comedy tv line,"Brooklyn nine nine", Elisabeth Moss(Winner of best celebrity, miniseries or full blockbuster documentary, to find"The top lake", The boy wonder Wright(Best occasional presenter in a tv series, dilemma for"Casino of cards"And possibly even poehler,Their self(Best occasional presenter in a tv comedy for"Parks and relaxing", Appeared rather shocked to win and each stumbled throughTheir thank you's. (Poehler celebrated by covering and kissing a surprised bono. )Spike jonze was also blindsided by his best movie script win for his futuristic romance"Your loved one,"I'm a terrible presenter, stated jonze. "And i'm bad at everyday terms.And it's just one language i know, but the playful interaction of fey and poehler again stole the show.Their"Snl"Duo are signed for take better care, because well. "This is the movies, mentioned fey. "If something just a little works, they'll just keep doing it until almost all people hates it, the tracy letts play edition"May:Osage regional, glancing meryl streep, fey supposed, have shown"That we have great parts in hollywood for meryl streeps over 60, in one notable bit that parodied the hollywood legacies who serve as stage guides, poehler had fey's surly son.They left it open whether harvey weinstein was the father.The hollywood foreign press alliance, a group of about 85 mostly freelance foreign correspondents(Fey and Poehler mockedTheir catalogues), Make an unlikely body to hold the second biggest awards in Hollywood's Oscar season.However boozy, casual broadcast, bereft of the academy's self regard or norm of musical dance numbers, has emerged as perhaps the best awards show on tv. This material most likely are jordans shoes 2013 not published, transmit, rewritten or redistributed for any professional purpose.



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